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Project performance

Wei River Xi 'an City section south bank dike reinforcement project Bahe River west section embankment top road project

Weihe Xi 'an city section south bank park road project

Quality inspection task of integrated treatment project in the lower reaches of Xianyang River

Weihe River comprehensive treatment project of Xianyang Fengxi New Town, Xixian New District

Xixian New District Qinhan New City Qinhan Avenue municipal road project

Xixian New Area Qin Han New City management Committee east planning road project

Xi 'an Xifeng level one municipal road reconstruction project

Weihe Xi 'an section Bahe Bridge downstream south bank beach area regulation project

Weihe Xi 'an section Rose Garden park road project

Sanyuan County Luqiao town to Jingyang County Kou town Yaosu Village road reconstruction project

Xixian New District Qinhan New City Fengjing Avenue municipal road project

National Highway 210 Gaoling section transit route modification project

Xixian New District Qinhan New City Zhengyang Avenue overpass municipal project

Canal canal open culvert project

Xianyang high-tech Development zone Gaoke three road viaduct project

Xixian New District Qinhan new city Nanshe bridge project