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A statement of impartiality

Commitment to impartiality

Shaanxi Road and Bridge Engineering Testing Co., Ltd. is an independent legal person. It has been certified by Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and is a legal testing institution with third-party fair status. It can carry out testing business independently。In order to ensure the fairness, independence and honesty of the test results, specialThe commitments are as follows:

1.The company establishes and operates a management system in accordance with the General Requirements for Inspection and Testing Institutions for Qualification Recognition Ability Evaluation (RB/T 214-2017), and continuously improves it to ensure that the company's quality policy and objectives are implemented and implemented。

2. Adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, test and test according to relevant laws and regulations, standards and norms, and issue fair and accurate test and test data。

3. The company has independent legal personality and the function of independent product quality testing, and its test testing is not subject to any administrative intervention。

4.The testing personnel of the Company shall not take part-time jobs or be employed in the units directly or indirectly related to the inspected products, and shall not supervise the production, inspection, marketing or recommendation of the inspected products。

5. All staff members shall strictly keep the trade secrets and technical secrets of the inspected unit, shall not use the technical data and technical achievements of the inspected unit for technological research and development, and shall not disclose the test results of the client or the inspected unit to a third party。

6. All staff members are not subject to any internal or external improper commercial, financial and other pressures and influences, and commercial bribery is prohibited。

    The above statement, the staff of the company shall strictly abide by, earnestly implement, and ask the community to give support and supervision, if the staff of the company is found to violate the above statement, please report。

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