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Raw material inspection

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Raw material inspection:

Soil: standard compaction, liquid-plastic limit, CBR, screening, moisture content, natural consistency, specific gravity, resilience modulus, firing loss, organic matter content, etc

Aggregate: screening, crushing value, needle sheet, mud content, abrasion, polishing, firmness, weak particle content, sand equivalent, water absorption, density, methylene blue, organic matter, alkali aggregate reaction, sulfide sulfate content, etc

Rock: strength, frost resistance, water content, density, water absorption, etc

Cement: setting time, stability, cement strength, consistency, fluidity, firing loss, density, specific surface area, etc

Slurry press: setting time, fluidity, strength, bleeding rate, expansion rate, bleeding rate, filling degree, etc

Water, admixtures: pH value, soluble content of insoluble matter, chloride ion content, water reduction rate, compressive strength, setting time, etc

Asphalt: three indexes, density, film heating, wax content, viscosity, solubility, flash point burning point, adhesion, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt related tests

Steel and joint: tensile test, bending test, reverse bending, weight deviation, dimensional deviation, steel welding mesh shear resistance, etc

Steel strand: tensile test, elastic modulus, etc

Inorganic bond stabilization materials: mix design, no side limit, cement or lime dose, calcium and magnesium content, fineness, moisture content, firing loss, fineness, undigested residue content, etc

Asphalt mixture: mix design, Marshall, rutting, asphalt content, mineral grading, mineral clearance rate, saturation, voidage, density, flow value, freeze-thaw splitting, leakage, flight, seepage coefficient, etc

Manhole cover: appearance, structure and size, bearing performance, Bacore hardness, etc

Geosynthetic materials: appearance, size, mass per unit area, thickness, tensile test, piercing strength, tearing strength, permeability coefficient, carbon black content, creep performance, perforation performance, friction coefficient, wear resistance, impregnability, asphalt absorption, acid and alkali resistance, plugging test, hydrostatic pressure, low temperature bending, etc

Pipe: appearance, density, shrinkage, size, ring stiffness, ring flexibility, oven test, opaque, Bacor hardness, tensile test, etc

Bricks and blocks, curb: appearance, size, strength, wear resistance, density, hollow rate, cavity rate, shrinkage rate, water absorption rate, frost, skid resistance, frost resistance, etc

Waterproof material: impermeability, appearance, size, mass per unit area, tensile test, heat treatment size change, low temperature bending, tearing strength, heat resistance, resistance to perforation, oil seepage, low temperature flexibility, etc

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