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Retirement party

Author: Wang Shengtao Release Time: 2022-11-8 15:26:59 Views:97

     On the morning of November 7, the trade union of the testing company organized a farewell meeting for retired workers, sending off three comrades Wang Xiaofeng, Wang Hua and Shang Xiaohua, Zhang Bing, secretary of the Party branch of the testing company, Chen Kangjian, President of the trade union Wang Shengtao and members of the home leadership team and workers to attend the farewell party。

    会上,Secretary Zhang Bing firstTo thank each of the three retired employees,I hope that they will live a colorful retirement life, often "go home" to see, and make suggestions for the development of the unit, and emphasizeTesting companyWe will further care for retired comrades in detail;General Manager Chen Kangjian made a message to the three retired employees, he hopes that retired comrades enjoy a relaxing retirement time, while continuing to care about the growth and development of young employees.In case of technical problems, I hope retired comrades can answer questions and clarify doubts.Set an example for young people with their own ideals, beliefs and practical actions for many years;The three retired employees also reviewed their decades of work history, and truly expressed their love for the unit, gratitude and perseverance to their colleagues, and wished them wellTesting companyFuture development is getting better and better。


    After the meeting, check the companyAll the sameFor the retired workers to take a group photo, the farewell party in a warm, relaxed, harmonious atmosphere successfully ended。