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The company won the "AA" level of credit evaluation of the highway and water transportation engineering test and inspection agency in 2022

Author: admin Release Time: 2023-6-13 9:30:36 Views:63

Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Transportation Department announced the results of the 2022 annual highway and water transportation engineering test and inspection agency credit evaluation, Shaanxi Road and Bridge Engineering Testing Co., Ltd. obtained the highest grade of credit evaluation "AA" level。The honor is a full affirmation by the competent authorities of the industry of the company's performance status, institutional management and integrity behavior。(See the official website of Shaanxi Provincial Transportation Department for details


检测The company has been adhering to the quality policy of "scientific, fair, accurate and timely", putting the construction of enterprise integrity system in the first place of enterprise development, and striving to enhance the soft power of enterprises, performance ability and service awareness。With this honor,It is the concrete embodiment of the company's comprehensive ability and management level, and also provides a strong guarantee for the company to explore the market.Further enhance the competitiveness of the company。In the future, detectionThe company will serve the society with the concept of "integrity management, enthusiastic service", professional testing technology and good reputation。

Highway and water transport engineering test and inspection credit evaluation of the transportation authorities on the road and water transport test and inspection certificate holders of the employment commitment status of the highway and water transport test and inspection grade certificate institutions comprehensive evaluation。The credit evaluation of the testing institution is divided into AA, A, B, C and D five grades, AA is the highest grade, and the credit score is > 95 points。

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