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The company organized a team of experts to go to Jiangxi Lidong reconstruction and expansion project guidance and exchange

Author: admin Release Time: 2023-6-13 10:53:04 Views:58

Recently, the group of experts composed of Luo Yanyu, chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the company, Xue Yuanping, deputy general manager Qi Hongxing, and Cheng Hong, a member of the company's expert team, went to Jiangxi Lidong reconstruction and expansion project to conduct guidance and exchange on site laboratory management and concrete mix optimization。 


The expert group inspected the site laboratory, the project comprehensive station, the Xinjiang Bridge and the slab culvert construction site, and learned about the concrete mix ratio of the laboratory and the quality of the concrete on sitePear east reconstruction and expansionThe project management department held a special meeting on test and inspection work。Expert groupProject construction, laboratory problems and project cost reduction and efficiency measuresPut forward to strengthenRaw material quality control, fly ash instead of cement, machine sand instead of river sand, improving concrete construction management guidelines and suggestions。据悉Only the proposed optimization proposal of replacing cement with fly ash can save at least one million yuan for the project and achieve the purpose of expert team building。


Testing company since the preparation of the expert team,In order to improve the level of service,To help the project to reduce costs and increase efficiency,Focus on solving the technical problems encountered in the construction of the project,The expert team is the first on-site guidance for the testing company after the establishment of an expert team,It fully embodies the necessity and feasibility of expert team construction,It also relies on technical support for post-testing companies,Building high-tech enterprises provides the direction。